Mawangdui special - contact author of webpage Imke Bock-Möbius: "Qigong - Meditation in Bewegung". Haug 1993 (sold out)

What is Qigong?

Qigong exercises are based on the Chinese tradition of cultivation and preservation of life. Applied in prevention, health care and rehabilitation they are used to mobilize the self-regulatory forces of the individual and as a complementary method. One precondition for good health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine is the unobstructed flow of the life-energy (qi). This energy flow can be triggered by the combination of physical exercises, breathing and guided imagination, and it can be stabilized by continuous training (gong).


From the system Qigong Yangsheng of Prof. Jiao Guorui:
- The 15 Expressions of Taiji-Qigong
- The 8 Brocades
- The Play of 5 Animals
- The 6-Sounds-Method

Purple Cloud Qigong acc. to Zhong Guoqiang, Taibei/Taiwan
Neiyanggong acc. to Liu Yafei, Beidaihe
Concentration exercises
Information on the historical, philosophical and medical background
Relaxation, Stress Management, PMR
Introduction to Chinese language
Daoism and Quantum Physics
Taijiquan for beginners

Q i g o n g  -  I n t e n s i v e  in Montegrotto
Holiday seminar in Italy
March 23 - 30, 2019  -  Neiyanggong

Consecutive classes in Radolfzell, Singen or Konstanz:
Tue. 10:00 - 11:30 am, start. Sep 18, 2018: The 15 Expressions of Taiji-Qigong (MGH)
Tue. 8:15 - 9:45 pm, start. Sep 18, 2018: The 15 Expressions of Taiji-Qigong (vhs)
Thu. 2:00 - 3:00 pm, start. Apr 4, 2018: Neiyanggong (Uni KN HSP)
Fri. 10:00 - 11:15 am, start. Sep 14, 2018: Neiyanggong (GEA)
Fri. 11:30 am - 0:30 pm, start. Sep 14, 2018: PMR stress management (GEA)

Multiple-day seminars:
Thu.-Sun. Jul 26-29, 2018: Qigong - Daoist Mysticism - Quantum Physics (Holzkirchen near Würzburg, Benediktushof)

Seminars, presentations, continuing education
Sun.  Dec 10, 2017, 10am - 5pm: Qigong - between Science and Spirituality (vhs-bw, Leinfelden)
Sat.  Jul 14, 2018, 10am - 5pm: The 8 Brocades - exchange meeting (Radolfzell)
Sun.  Jul 15, 2018, 10am - 4pm: Meeting of the workgroup Qigong and Philosophy (Radolfzell)
Sun.  Dec 16, 2018, 10am - 5pm: News from Dao, Qi and Quanta
(vhs-bw, Leinfelden)

Books recommended
Imke Bock-Möbius: "Qigong - Meditation in Bewegung". Haug 1993 (sold out)
Imke Bock-Möbius: "Qigong Meets Quantum Physics. Experiencing Cosmic Oneness." Three Pines Press 2012