Qi and Quanta at Lake Constance - Dr. rer. nat. Imke Bock-Möbius

Dr. rer. nat. Imke Bock-Möbius, Radolfzell
Course Instructor Trainer recognised by Deutsche Qigong Gesellschaft

Course Instructor Training
Level 1 (Radolfzell)
starting Mar 10/11, 2018 (through to Feb 2020)

Course Instructor Training
Level 1 (Darmstadt)
started Mar 16/17, 2019 (through to Feb 2021)

Course Instructor Training
Level 2 (Darmstadt / Radolfzell)
starting Apr 13/14, 2019 (through to Jan 2021)

Contents Level 1:

- The 15 Expressions of Taiji-Qigong
- The 8 Brocades
- The 6-Sounds-Method
- The Exercise: Origin of Light
- Introduction to Chinese language
- Introduction to the holistic view of Daoism and Modern Sciences
- Musculoskeletal system / anatomy (Mihaela Cordea)
- Fundamentals of the TCM (Mihaela Cordea)
- Educational theory / didactics (Claudia Rausch-Michl)
- et al.

Schedule and Directives:


Deutsche Qigong Gesellschaft SBO-TCM recognized advanced training

Application and Information:

E-Mail: info[at]qigong-shiatsu-radolfzell.de
Internet: www.qigong-shiatsu-radolfzell.de